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Knot testing with Fiddlestick

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Mountaineer, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    I used a more supple rope. I would think a stiffer rope would not cinch as well.

    Is this an Imlay Canyon fire?
  2. Deagol

    Deagol too many hobbies

    yes, it was an Imlay Canyon Fire.. a few years old, rope used many times.

    When I hung 15 pounds on the pull cord hole, the stick came out.. I had previously hung 12.5 pounds on it and it held fine

    This was after I removed my body weight from the line. I didn't bounce on the line or anything, but it was cinched pretty good.

    I was thinking the 12.5 pounds that it held was pretty good, since any pull cord should weigh a lot less than that. However, I noticed that you "tight tie" values are higher than mine...

    I only used one type of knot: the overhand Stone with a twist.
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