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Keyhole/Pine Creek conditions

Discussion in 'Utah' started by Outdoors24, Aug 11, 2018 at 12:55 AM.

  1. Outdoors24


    Is it warm enough this time of year to go through Keyhole and Pine Creek without a wesuit? We are also planning on Echo canyon as well, but I have read that it stays pretty cold in there. Thanks for your help!
  2. cjhaines

    cjhaines Chris

    Orem, UT
    We just went through Echo. Definitely appreciated a wetsuit. I'd probably say same goes for Pine and Keyhole

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  3. John Diener

    John Diener

    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Went through PC with my daughter Aug 7. Essentially tippy-top full (some long swims), although given the water was pretty fresh it was also relatively warm. So yes, I'm sure it can be done without a wetsuit, but why if you have the choice? Probably uncomfortable and makes margins slimmer...
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  4. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    It depends. If the canyons have just flashed the water can be relatively warm in both canyons. It gets colder as the water sits and evaporates.

    I have done Pine Creek four times and three times the water was (relatively) warm and the other time it was nearly dry. No wetsuits were needed for any trips. Other times it can be very cold even in summer.

    I have done Keyhole six times. The water was freezing cold the first time I went through (May) and relatively warm the other times. If you don't hit the canyon right after it flashes, the water will be cold.

    Echo almost always needs a wetsuit. The only exception is when it is dry or nearly so, but that doesn't happen often.

    For these two canyons, the NPS usually has a good idea of conditions. Ask them. If they say a wetsuit is needed, then take it.
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