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News Isis Temple rock fall-Trinity Creek impacted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. Ram


    This from a Grand Canyon site....


    We wanted to let you know the top portion of the Isis Temple fell today and is blocking the majority and side drainages of Trinity Creek to include the typical hiker passages across it. It is currently unknown to what extent it is blocked. The area is not closed at this time, but we are officially notifying you to proceed at your own risk. If you would like to try and change your itinerary, please respond to this email and we will do our best to be accommodating.

    Thank you,

    Ranger Hogan

    Backcountry Permit Office
    Grand Canyon National Park temple grand canyon
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  2. Rick Demarest

    Rick Demarest

  3. Ram


    This was from a Grand Canyon group and points to another GC group

    FYI, there was a major rockfall from below and southwest of the south summit of Isis Temple last week (@0845am on 12.20.20). It appears to have originated from the bottom band of Supai cliffs and went down an eastern arm of Trinity (originating at approximately 36.1368, -112.1393).

    It was initially reported as the "top of Isis falling off", but the summit appears to be unaffected and no one was injured in the incident. The NPS helicopter did a recon of the area (photos below). The routes traversing the Tonto Platform in Trinity are in the slide path. The standard route to the Isis summit from the Isis-Shiva Saddle is not affected, nor was the route up from Isis-Cheops Saddle.

    Backpackers with permits for the coming months in AP9 (Phantom Creek) and AQ9 (Trinity/Crystal) were notified by the Grand Canyon Backcountry Permit Office. This is an FYI in case folks are headed out that way on day trips or get a permit after notifications were made. This may be merely interesting for most of us, but perhaps it will help folks with winter trip planning. We all love Grand Canyon because it is an eroding wonder, and this rock fall may continue to release for a while.

    In adventure,
    Kate McHugh
    Grand Canyon Wilderness Rangerkate_mchugh@...

    from an article from (GC climbing forum).
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