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Imlay Sneak

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Flatiron, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Flatiron


    Lafayette, Co
    2 friends ran the Imlay Sneak last Thursday. They had never done before and went in fully prepared for low or medium water conditions. Said it also was incredibly dry, only 1 swimmer and never got wet above waist in 1st section of narrows. Started at Grotto at 5:15am and were back at Watchman campsite by 3 pm. Loved it.
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  2. Bootboy

    Bootboy Atwood Gear

    By way of update:

    A group of 4, including me, did Imlay via the sneak route yesterday.

    Imlay is in exceptionally dry condition right now. We didn’t suit up until halfway through the second narrows less than an hour from the end of the canyon. 2 of us were able to keep our feet entirely dry up to that point. Only 1 swim in the whole canyon. The best part? No log soup.

    We did a little anchor maintenance. Replacing some webbing and removing much irrelevant, redundant webbing.

    The sand load is also fairly high right now. Only 3 technical pothole escapes consisting of one partner assist and two easy sand bag tosses.

    The already unnecessary practice of hooking is especially unnecessary right now, even in light of the exceptionally low water.

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