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FAQ Imlay Conditions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jake Freimanis, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Jake Freimanis

    Jake Freimanis Ours is a quiet fear

    New Mexico
    Anyone have a 2019 update for Imlay conditions? Most recent thread I could find was from a year ago. It seems like just about everywhere had heavy winter this year so I'm assuming there'll be enough water in Imlay that the potholes won't be terribly difficult. All the same, I'd rather I heard firsthand from someone that did it first :tongue: Cheers.
  2. Ali Miller

    Ali Miller

    It was in romp mode on 7/3. No escape tools needed, and not too cold either.

    Splish splash!

    There are some sketchy slings. Bring webbing!
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  3. carla merrill

    carla merrill

    How many in your party and how long did it take?
  4. Ali Miller

    Ali Miller

    We were four fit canyoneers, and two of us had completed full Imlay before. We brought 170', 120', and 80' ropes (and this turned out to be perfect for the big wall sequence in upper Imlay). Our time from West Rim Trailhead to Temple of Sinawava was... 11-ish hours? It was a leisurely pace, but conditions were favorable throughout.

    That said, I'm sure conditions have changed since then. Please take your pothole toys and good judgement with you!
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  5. Kuenn


    Just talked with some friends from Jackson, MS that did full Imlay last Friday (8/16). They reported low water conditions, 5 keepers - only 2 were difficult. Standing in most of the pots. Only one keeper required a swimming escape. One of the group never donned his wetsuit. YMMV

    Enjoyable time by almost all.

    One member of the party of 6 tripped on the trail just before Potato Hollow and fractured three of the smaller bones in his upper right foot (according to Ortho visit Monday). He chose to hike out the West Rim and not jeopardize the trip for the others. 9 hours on a gimpy leg, not bad. Cell reception has obviously improved on the WRT since I was last there. He was able to text me during the hike out.
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