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AZ: Mogollon Rim Illusions Canyon June 2016

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Jay Wisocki, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Jay Wisocki

    Jay Wisocki Owner at Wilderness First Recovery LLC

    Prescott Arizona
    Its always a pleasure to run this canyon with people that have never been here yet. P6110014.JPG I wasn't about to carry this out so we left it behind, A friend carried out the other antler a few weeks earlier. P6110030.JPG The first timers in Illusions with a big smile. P6110047.JPG P6110049.JPG One of the cork screws P6110059.JPG Ha, the debris pool, P6110061.JPG P6110083.JPG P6110105.JPG Into the depths P6110108.JPG P6110111.JPG P6110173.JPG P6110195.JPG P6110199.JPG P6110211.JPG P6110222.JPG P6110227.JPG P6110229.JPG P6110236.JPG P6110252.JPG P6110266.JPG P6110276.JPG P6110281.JPG P6110293.JPG P6110310.JPG P6110378.JPG P6110387.JPG P6110399.JPG P6110407.JPG P6110415.JPG Visual of pothole from the staging area P6110417.JPG
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