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Hole In The Rock Road conditions

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by adkramoo, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. adkramoo

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    Last year Kane County seemed to decide that they were no longer responsible for the road parts, in their county. This is the area from the Egypt turn off all the way to Hole in the Rock proper. In one spot the road was nearly washed out and impassable. The rest was truck rattling washboards, mixed in with deep sand. I took the road down to the 40 mile marker or so and can report that "someone" has worked on the road. The wash out has been repaired and washboards and sand at a minimum. I would call the road in those sections better than average, for over the years. The Egypt road was average, perhaps on the rough side. The road to the Egypt turnoff was in stellar condition. Ram
  2. adkramoo

    adkramoo Guest

    When we finished the Hen and were back at the car, the area to the north looked like night time. The Hen is 37 miles down the road. We barely got 5 miles before it started to rain.

    On the drive in that AM, there were many places where one had to leave the road bed, due to bottomless water and mud. There was one heck of a storm come through late on Sunday, into the evening. On the way back out it was worse. Looking at it, it seemed impossible that we could get out. Remember this is in the PM of Memorial Day weekend and everybody was trying to get out.

    I had Bruce from Bryce riding shotgun and it wasn't long before mud coated the entire sides of the Pathfinder. No mirror, no side window, no rear window. I get free top off of fluids between visits at Jiffy Lube and when I got home I went for a car wash (Me? It was that bad!) and my washer fluid had gone from full to almost dry.

    Further on the way out, we did the fish tail thing through the Egypt area, in a down pour. But the real crux and mess was between Harris Wash and 3 miles from the pavement. One spot seemed to be 3 feet deep and folks were stuck all over the place. A huge tow truck rig hung out at the worst spot getting business every few minutes. All 3 of our vehicles made it out.....barely!

    There was a strong movement among folks to go and do Headless Hen the next day, so wonderful was the canyon experience and conditions. But no way was I driving out there again!! I had tempted the canyons Gods enough already. I understand that Garfield County was right out and graded the road as soon as some drying occurred. Kane County did not. I would expect the road below the Egypt turn off (County line) to be horrific. There were two places in particular where the road was almost washed out entirely. Other spots where it may not dry out for a long time. Wild ride!! Ram

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    Snow/Ice + water = freezing water most likely... i never been down and none of the guide books really talk about the canyon after the first big raps...
    You must have been close for all the rain esacalante got... HITR was amazingly smooth driving in sun. morning - all the washboard was pressed flat and no dust - beautiful.. There were several areas of standing water where there were DEEP gushy ruts and sketchy. We drove out at about 3:30 and it was sprinkling a little and the sketchy areas were getting really churned up and even worse... My vehicle has really high clearance so we were fine but there were folks in rental sedans that were waiting for the roads to dry out... So did it rain even more on Monday or did the roads just get worse from all the traffic?
    missed you again - ram or unicorn?
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    Waist deep water in Engelstead, if indeed they are talking Engelstead rather than lower Orderville, speaks to a lot of recent flow off the recent rains, like you suggest. Bet that water is cold too! ;-)

    I arrived with the Headless Hen group about 4PM Monday at the Saddle. Just missed you again. You get a lot of rain on the Hole in the Rock Road on Sunday PM? It got epic by Monday afternoon.

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    I made to the saddle saturday evening and did spooky and peekaboo with my 8 and 11 year old daughters on sunday, they also enjoyed the sand hill near Brimstone. We left Monday afternoon - must have just missed you...

    Thanks for the info - was hoping to hear that some of the recent rain and warm weather might have dissolved some of the snow. My permit is for this Saturday so i am still hoping that someone has given it a go... I finally got someone at the Backcountry desk and they said that on May 23 some people went through and found chest deep water and there was snow/ice - but that is only so helpful... no idea of their skill level...
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    Hey stranger. You make the Saddlefest?

    Reports from Engelstead a few weeks back.....lots of snow, right from the entry rap down to inside the park proper. Engelstead has a history of melting out in a safer pattern than many other canyons. Its more "V" shape and wide bottom may be factors in that, but no guarantees on that this year? An ax for many folks and someone savy folks in moot melt patterns and general alpine experience highly recommended. I think Aaron's group is considering the canyon. When are you considering going? Likely melt out by the end of the month. Can anyone find the recent report and the pictures? Who was that again that went through?


    --- In Yahoo Canyons Group, "Ryan Lee" <ryanfosterlee@> wrote:

    Was wondering if anyone has seen or heard what the current conditions are in Engelstead...

    Thanks in advance.

  3. We just came back from the Coyote Gulch.

    Apparently there was a lot of rain around 09/22. We got to see the road in the early morning on 09/24. The road till Egypt turn off was in perfect condition. Past that point the road deteriorated rapidly and in about another mile there was a "sea" of standing water on the road. Also, lots of big rocks carried by water, deep mud, etc. We had to turn around in our Toyota Camry (barely made it out with some big new dents on the gas tank).

    People in town on Friday morning (Mark ??? @ Outdoor Store) were adamant that the road was impassable in any sort of vehicle.

    To make long story short, we made it to our destination (40-mile ridge TH) in a rented ATV.

    By Friday afternoon the road was quite passable by high clearance vehicles. People were driving around water on the sides of the road. The county road grading crew took care of the rocks on the road and some of the muddy areas. The rest dried out very quickly. We actually saw a Toyota Corolla driving cross country on the side of the road coming back from HITR direction (!?)


    Here's the conditions as we were driving back on Sunday 09/26:

    1. Perfect conditions till Egypt turn off

    2. One small pool of water a mile or two after Egypt turn off. There are tracks around it, but probably passable by a low clearance car with some speed.

    3. Right before and right after Red Well there are two deep ruts across the road. Easily passable by high clearance trucks, but I would be very concerned in a long base low clearance car. Probably would not make it. Not even sure about a Subaru type vehicle. Perhaps a shovel and people driving and making those ruts more shallow would help.


    Anton Solovyev
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