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Hiker Injured in Fall - NE Garfield County

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by bruce silliman, May 2, 2007.

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    --- In Yahoo Canyons Group, "bruce silliman" <weabruce@...> wrote: > A short article on yesterday's rescue. >
    bruce from bryce

    Whooo Lordy, the fat is gonna fly now if it was a failed natural anchor!

    No positive confirmation on it being Shenanigans, but if one assumes so.......A canyon with few open drops, thus few raps....1-5 to 50 feet.

    Anchor #1- a small tree. 8 foot rap, bypassed easily on a ledge just around the corner

    Anchor #2- Down a 30 foot flute. Sizable boulders, in there natural place at the top. A big tree there too. Both of these are right at the canyon entry

    Anchor #3- Off of meat, with the last person doing the Grim Crawl. The Grim Crawl does end on a chockstone ladder that is generally downclimbed, but can intimadate and bells if one errs by going straight down, rather than 4 feet out on stem. Found 80% of the way thru the tech section. Early/middle of the 4th narrows, before the very tight stuff. Hard to climb out to the escape between the 3rd and 4th narrows. Bad place to get if there is a good place

    Anchor #4- Off a sizable bollard (sp?). Other options there and there isn't always sling left on the bollard so some less seasoned could not have the vision? Downclimbed at fairly easy standard, but best be careful (weight it down). The first of back to back raps at the very end of the tech section, the divide between the Navajo and Kayenta layers.

    Anchor #5- The one manadatory rap (aside from nutsoid jumping). A big chockstone wedged in the vertical and parallel walls overhead. One has to stem up to set or inspect the webbing. If this thing ever came down!!

    Malia downclimbing with handline, 2nd rap. 2nd picture

    2nd picture the 1st bypassable rap 3rd picture the start of the canyon. 2nd rap line on picture bottom. Last picture shows the final 2 raps. The bollard (#4)is in view. The boulder bottom center. Anchor #5 is the closest boulder suspended, slightly up from picture center

    Now there are several other problems where folks not terribly seasoned might want a hand line or something of the like and we have noted a fair share of "Ralstones" everywhere, including this canyon, post last October's floods. Wonder what happened? Ram
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