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UT: Robber's Roost High Spur 3/15/13

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Scott Chandler, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Scott Chandler

    Scott Chandler Wildness is a necessity-John Muir

    Three canyons under our belt, the canyon spring break took an off day. While, yes, we could have done Arscenic the 14th, we just weren't in the mood that morning. So we were lazy cleaning camp, visited Stan's, and I took Jake to Goblin Valley. His eastern eyes had never seen similar (I can't wait to show him Bryce NP.)

    Byrd Photos 111.JPG
    Byrd Photos 113.JPG

    After walking around the valley for a bit we struck off for the Roost, the Spur to be precise. Reading about Roost canyons the High Spur always caught my eye. The biggest part of why I canyoneer is to see the beauty and personality of canyons and High Spur looked like a must see. It's remoteness made me wonder about road conditions but hell, why else did I get a new, higher clearance vehicle a couple years ago? So we braved the road to the Roost (40mph dirt, such a blast) and the road into the Spur (ugh). That Spur road is officially the worst I've driven. While it is not hard, it set my nerves going. 8" does not feel like enough clearance in spots. The entire time I kept interjecting "this better be worth it" between silence and explitives. Blaring Five Finger Death Punch kept my head cool. Jake found the road extremely facinating. Finally, 3 hrs after leaving Goblin Valley we reached the trailhead. I wanted to go no farther so we settled on a junk camp. Oh well, early to bed, early to rise and canyon right?
    High Spur 001.JPG

    We spring out of the tent the next morning. I want to get through the canyon with time to drive out that horrid road! The walk into the canyon was short, which I loved, and the canyon was quickly beautiful. I brought my standard camera on this canyon because I did not trust my GoPro to capture what I wanted.

    High Spur 006.JPG High Spur 007.JPG High Spur 008.JPG High Spur 011.JPG High Spur 015.JPG High Spur 018.JPG High Spur 019.JPG High Spur 022.JPG High Spur 026.JPG High Spur 035.JPG High Spur 036.JPG

    The canyon was insanely pretty. Jake and I were silent as we walked, not wanted to disturb the views, as if noise would make them disappear. A great aspect of the canyon is its open and close nature. You'll be in a tight, swirly slot then it opens up big and grand, them back again into the crack. It's awesome. We reached the first "DC/Rap/Slide" and Jake did not like it. He rapped while I slid with a handline. I"ve desided handlines are pointless or I do them wrong. I'm sure the rope did not slow my slide. Although I enjoyed it so it was no big deal.

    High Spur 038.JPG High Spur 040.JPG

    Shortly after that we hit another DC that simply started wider than either of us liked. I wrapped the rope on a log that was conveniently located and held on to it as I laid down accross the canyon. It was a wide span for me. I also came close to trapping my arm under said rope. Jeez. Jake then kinda stared for a while before going. One fun thing about canyoning with Jake is that he gets a face when he encounters things he does not like. It's like a face that a puppy would make at you when it does not know what to do. That face was all over this drop. But with enough coaxing he went. Shortly there after the canyon started to corkscrew. GOOD JEEZ I've seen nothing like it! Words don't describe.

    Oh there was a funny incident at the pothole. It's a fun little hole because it's so easy. I slid down into it, luckily dry and made quick work exiting. Jake was a bit slower. I wanted to let him figure it out so I just crossed my arms and waiting. After a puppy dog look I pointed at something to help. To my horror my hand looked like I was in a movie of the same adjective. Copious blood covered my palm! I flipped a little and uncovered my elbow. It seemed like way too much blood. After all it soaked through my flannel shirt and covered my hand! It turns out a blood blister from days before had popped and spewed. So nothing big but jeez did it bleed!
    High Spur 050.JPG High Spur 051.JPG High Spur 054.JPG High Spur 056.JPG High Spur 057.JPG High Spur 061.JPG High Spur 062.JPG High Spur 067.JPG

    The high water detrius made us happy the corkscrew was dry!

    The final DC before the rappel turned out interesting. See I just start DC's, even when I see webbing. It's a flaw of mine. So when the perfect crack kinda blew out I did a lot of hard thinking. I could see how I could continue DC'ing but could see how unpleseant that'd be if I somehow failed and fell. So I chose to just slide while I knew it was going to happen. It was only a 10-12' drop and only the last 5' was not sloped so I figured all'd go well. All did but a big "OH S&!T" went through my head when the slope stopped. I then proceeded to coax Jake into DC'ing it and I spotted him. The rappel was fun. Gotta love freehangers!
    High Spur 070.JPG High Spur 071.JPG High Spur 072.JPG High Spur 074.JPG

    Then proceeded the exit and hike back to the car. We had fun figuring out how to ferry packs up the scramble exit (I am no rock climber, no matter how many times I've done it and a scramble with a pack did not sound fun.) Then we trudged along the road to the car. The area is so beautiful. 360* views put perspective on the whole area. Then we enjoyed a less stressful drive off the Spur (I blame previous experience and being tired) and found our way to the White Roost campground for the final canyon of the trip.
    High Spur 075.JPG High Spur 078.JPG High Spur 082.JPG High Spur 086.JPG

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  2. Bill

    Bill ... Staff Member

    Nice pic's
    I've been wanting to do high spur for a long time.
  3. Blake Merrell

    Blake Merrell Lovin' Utah's Backcountry

    Spanish Fork, Ut
    Very nice TR :twothumbs: makes me wanna go right now. Its been on my radar for some time now :) Can't wait to see this for myself!
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