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Help with Kolob Canyon question please?

Discussion in 'Utah' started by RossK, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    That would be extremely unlikely though, given the current La Niña patterns.

    Typical La Niña pattern:


    Given the current snowpack percentages, there is an almost zero percent chance of southern Utah having a heavy snow year or even catching up to normal. Even if La Niña's typical pattern was take an unusual turn, there is very little chance of catching up to normal. Northern Utah has a very slight chance, but Southern Utah has almost no chance.
  2. RossK


    Because of the major snowfall of the winter please excuse me resurrecting this conversation with one more query as I had been thinking of trying it this OCTOBER, but now wondered how much the snow might or might not further slow the trip.

    Assuming I've checked first that there's no reservoir release while we're in Kolob. (Reservoir releases presumably don't ever affect water flow within Boundary itself up to Kolob junction , but I'm guessing Boundary could now have water October, but not that much.)

    Re-reading above, from the MIA exit down to the Narrows is pretty much dry apart from a couple of pools, so that should be ok,
    BUT from Boundary/Kolob junction to MIA exit the above talks about wading & swimming pools so could the snow turn this into a section of major long slow swims and deep wades?

    Is the general view don't do Kolob if there's a reservoir release while in there or the day before, but it's ok if there isn't a release over that period.
    Or is it not a binary case of release/no release, and there are lots of different amounts/levels of release so it's a judgement call over the size of the release? Thanks for any replies
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