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Heaps and issues

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by bhalvers2002, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. bhalvers2002


    Sorry for this dual purpose post, but I can't contact because each time I try it gives me an internal error 500.


    It is a vicious loop. "Send us a message" results in the same error. Anyone here know who I can get in touch with? Tried multiple devices to connect but always errors.

    So here is the post I would do on Candition if I could get it to work.

    Thursday, Oct 1, 2015
    Great day, 14 hours car to car for group of 4 from the Grotto. Water levels high (two weeks since massive rains).
    Group of 4, with 1 Heaps veteran (12x or so) and otherwise a strong team left Grotto at 5:30 am, started raps into Phantom Valley at 9 am, suited up and started 1st Narrows at 10:30 am finishing 3rd narrows at 3:30 am. Took an hour prep / changing below final three raps before everyone down on deck at 6:30pm. Back to car by 7:30pm in 14 hour day.

    Comparing to Kolob and Imlay (multiple trips) Heaps was warmer (on this occasion). Air temps had been in 80/90s for previous couple of weeks though doubt that had much impact. Most in group wore 5mm full w/ 5mm booties and never got cold. Had 3 mm vest as well, but never used it. Frankly after a lot of prep and higher water conditions, this was a frolic - technical sections were a lot of fun. Group traveled with 2 200 footers, 1 50 and 1 75 as working ropes through technical and stashed 300 footer at Emerald Pools. To save time at bird perch I would carry the 300 footer instead on next trip. Anchors in good condition.

    Editorials: amazed at devil's pit, really not hard to find exit (was looking for it as well), but guess other times the log jam there must have been a much different configuration to disguise the exit. Also, off camber "jump" in second narrows really not too bad, but optically a little more challenging for everyone but first guy (had a dry take off spot) while others eye what appears to be a slick slant. This is a canyon for prepared, strong partners and good team work. A favorite.

    More pics and additional trip detail forthcoming.

    Jeff on final rap - glad to get off the perch....
  2. Rapterman


    More photos??????
  3. bhalvers2002


  4. Taylor


    Strong work Brad.
  5. Bootboy

    Bootboy Atwood Gear

    Heaps has a very different mood to it in October, I have found. Better light for pictures in the summer but something autumn really captivates in that place.

    Maybe it's just because fall is my favorite season.

    No daylight to spare this time of year though.

    Looking forward to the pictures
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