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Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Kuenn, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Kuenn


    Starting a thread to capture and discuss headlamps (often called a helmet torch outside North America).

    Although they're probably not viewed as standard equipment for canyoning, a handy tool to keep in the pack for those early starts, long days, dark slots, or unplanned bivy.

    What do you have?
    What have you used?
    Or just ask for reviews.
    Meh, not even a concern?

  2. Kuenn


    I'll start it off with two lights that I have, both Black Diamond products.

    Being a lighting junkie for as long as I can remember I'm certainly not brand loyal. There are plenty of great products out there to fit every need and price range.

    Black Diamond Ion
    (No longer in production - the Cosmo appears to be its replacement.)

    BD Ion.

    This little guy is always in my pack, an emergency staple.

    Pros: Very small footprint, light, respectable lumens for size (80-100 depending on which version), dimmer control, IPX8 water-resistance rating, inexpensive. Weight with batteries:1.9 ounces. A great little backup.
    Cons: On/off control is touch sensitive, has been known to come on in the pack (for that reason I keep the batteries separated).

    Black Diamond Spot

    BD Spot.

    Most recent purchase in 2017.

    Pros: Good size/weight/feature ratio, great lumens to burntime ratio (30hr @ max 300lm), dimmer control, IPX8 water-resistance rating, won't break the bank (but is not cheap). Weight with batteries:3.25 ounces. A great primary light if you're serious about good lighting.

    Cons: Haven't really had it long enough to be disappointed. Unlike the Ion the Spot has a solid on/off switch, but still uses touch sensitivity for dimming, can be a bit of a hassle especially with gloves.
  3. Canyon Monkey

    Canyon Monkey Useful Idiot

    Fenix HL60R - Far superior to most of the major brand headlamps sold for climbing/camping IMHO. IPX8 waterproof. 400 lumens for 3 hours or 150 for 10. Max 950 for 45 minutes. Very consistent and well made.
  4. Sonny Lawrence

    Sonny Lawrence

    Last month I was with some caver/canyoneers from France who are using this: Very nice. I especially like the simpler model that only uses one 18650 battery. You can change it out. But the caver model with two batteries has to be recharged as a unit. With the advent of ecigarettes, the 18650 battery is the way to go: cheap, available. But in essence there are three models of this battery; no end button, small end button, large end button. Depending on the headlight, you may only be able to use the large end button variety. So for example Zebra vs. Nitecore. Zebra is expensive but can use any of the three batteries due to a spring in both ends of the chamber. Nitcore only has one spring hence needs the large (sometimes the small) end button to work. I prefer the switching menu of the Nitecore over the Zebra. Prefer battery flexibility of Zebra over Nitecore. So, I have both on my helmet.
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