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Half story - Man Missing, then found: Grand Canyon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zul, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. zul


    Sedona, AZ

    So this guy is found after going missing for 11 days ... but it seems to me that there is quite a bit missing from this story.

    Was he day hiking and got lost?
    Poaching the canyon and got stuck?
    What did he do for food?
    Did the post-Christmas day snow trap him below the rim, afraid to hike out?
    Was he making some strange attempt at living in the canyon -- hole up in the cave?
    Failed suicide, found better judgement down there?

    There's just a lot missing on the explanation side of things. Anyone else got additional info?

    Was it such a mishap that the guy is too embarrassed to provide the 'what happened' part of the story? We usually get far more details and the full story, hmm?

    Nothing but questions and wild speculation but it's obvious to me that he was headed for Freeze Fest and screwed up the camp-out location, badly. Cashed in on the free chopper ride out.
  2. Canyonero


    Sounds to me like mental illness is part of the story.
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