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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clangingsymbol, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. clangingsymbol


    I assume you all saw this, but figured I would share anyway. Grand Canyon started closing access to trails and camping effective Mar 27, 2020 (no end date unless noted...from what I see as of today).
    • Mather Campground will close (along with most, if not all others, including Trailer Village and Desert View. I believe North Rim is closed for the season anyway due to snow, right???)
    • The 3 main (read tourist) trails will close as well (North Kaibab, South Kaibab and Bright Angel). However, lots of other access point go off these trails, so this will in effect close or limit access to much of the canyon!!!
    • No new backcountry permits are being issued. Existing permits are still valid, but it looks to me that is only true if you are not using one of the above trails. (Correct me if I am wrong here please as I have a permit exiting South Kaibab for next month!!!)
    • River trips were previously closed (on Mar 24, 2020) through May 21, 2020 (as of now).
    • All Park Lodges have also closed.
    • All shuttle service has been suspended
    Pretty much the entire park (at least for services) has been closed. The good news (for those crazy enough to be out in this craziness) is the entrance stations are not being manned, so no entrance fee collection at this time. Then again, you can't camp, eat (from a restaurant), shop in the tourist stores, get a night in a lodge, hike a tourist trail, freak out a ranger by asking if it is possible to hike to the river and back with only a 16 oz bottle of water or inquire about "tourist stuff at the river" since they are not out policing the trails either (stay safe ranges and thank you for your service to the public!!!).

    Please be safe everyone!!!


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  2. Rdunn


    The park was officially closed as of one hour ago. A good idea to keep people from congregating on the ever-packed south rim, but admittedly I'm bummed that I can't go up there for some day hikes to the river. Feels a little like the apocalypse.
  3. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    I think they should close Zion, but I'll be bummed about not being able to hike in the park here on the East Side.

    Plenty of non-BLM land to hike on. Guess I might get that route to the first rap in Birch clipped this spring, and the exit from Birch flagged and clipped.

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