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Grand Canyon 2 Night Backpacking Trip Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zach Olson, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Zach Olson

    Zach Olson

    Hey all,

    Starting to plan a quick 3 day weekend trip to the Grand Canyon with my girlfriend who's never been before at the end of March. I'm looking for 2 night backpacking trip recommendations. We're both physically fit and haven't ruled out a technical canyon but that's not our focus.

    I've been down Kaibab and Bright Angel a few times. I also have a capable 4X4 vehicle.

    I'd appreciate any tips for location, campsites and permit logistics.


  2. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    A lot of the campsites for the South Rim Trails will probably be full.

    If there are any permits left, the Grandview to South Kaibab makes a nice trip.

    Harder, but doable are Hance-Grandview Loop, Boucher-Hermit Loop, or the Nankoweap Trail. South Bass might be a possibility too, if the road is open.

    You could also do the Tanner, but I'd suggest more days for that one so you could go to the Little Colorado River or loop back along the Escalante Route.
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