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Government Shutdown Impact on Zion Canyons

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SlickRock, Sep 7, 2023.

  1. SlickRock


    If a federal budget resolution is not found by Oct 1, how does a gov shutdown impact access to Zion National Park and the backcountry canyons specifically?

    Is the park access restricted? If so, how is that controlled?

    Would any roads or tunnels be closed?

    Presumably the shuttle system would be stopped, so would the road to Temple of Sinawava be open - so I could gain access to the canyons?

    Surely Hwy 9 remains open. If so, is the tunnel traffic managed?

    Basically, if I descend Behunin or Echo or any other canyon, would I be in violation of some regulation? Or is it travel at your own risk?
  2. Nico Volland

    Nico Volland

    It seems that the State government jumped in and provided funding for the five national parks during previous shutdowns, keeping them open to the public.
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