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UT: North Wash Good Witch of the South

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Mountaineer, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    I have a history with the Wicket Witch of the West, or the Cauldron...Trachyte/Trachyotomy slot. Multiple stories. But today, to keep the history going, it seemed prudent to try the next canyon over. The Good Witch of the South, or South East of the Cauldron, also named "Yellow Brick Road". This time Mitchell, our youngest, decided to come with us.


    The night before it rained hard. The canyon held it all. Our luck. Prepared for only a swim or two, we ended up wading most of the day. Moreover, I've learned over the years it is usually best to simply get wet and go for it at the first sign of water. Stubbornly, experience forgotten, I jumped in and carried Mitchell and Elizabeth across. Across again and again. After an hour of carrying packs and people, I gave up. Best tip, leverage your experience. When you see the first signs of water, just deal with it.


    Lots of open areas, some narrows, unavoidable wading, a bit of stemming here and there, a few raps. The canyon is a good one. Nothing too difficult, and beginner friendly. This canyon works you, but is much easier going than her sister to the West...


    Estimate 4 - 6 hours, perhaps a bit faster with a strong group.


    The last rap is stunning. There is the option to skip it, and even loop back to the exit. But where is the fun in that? After the rap below, there is a final swimmer that proved to be the coldest of the day. Burr...But the grins, smiles, and day of adventure won out. We had a blast.

    GOPR0293. GOPR0317.

    And finally, a great way to end the day is a burger at Stan's. I was glad to see mounted our Search and Rescue Fundraising sign still up from 2013: Mark & Tyler, Diana and Matt Williams, Imlay Canyon Gear, Bluugnome, Carl & Travis Robe, Rick Ianniello, Blake Merrell, Joel Graham, Helen & Seth Andersen, Tom Collins, Penny Martens, Northwash Outfitters, Rebekah and Robin Reed, Luke Galyan, Joshua Davis, John Wood, Jacob Groom, Garrett Jensen.

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