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Getting stuck in Van Buren County cave doesn't stop 71-year-old caver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank moon, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. hank moon

    hank moon lovely ligatures

    I corrected the non-PC title :)

    I've long thought that Marion O. Smith is Ram's long-lost brother, they both exhibit so many of the classic greycore enthusiast traits. Watching the lovely videos of his rescue by longtime friends, I hope that if a similar scenario occurs in the canyons someday, the extraction will go as smoothly and lovingly as this one did. I'm trying to secure some of that video to share here.

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  2. Kuenn


    ...yah Hank, you trolling for me?

    Marion-O is one tough customer and salt-of-the-earth kinda guy. We had a discussion about this rescue Monday night. It quickly grew into story telling from members of our grotto who have caved with him. His exploits are legendary. For example (and this was several years ago), his pit count was well over 2000. He keeps a very detailed journal of every trip he takes, date/time, who, what, where, vertical/horizontal doesn't matter (a good habit to form, will be very meaningful years down the road - wish I had started it way back when).

    I'm sure he was flattered by the "spelunker" label. :disagree:
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