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Frogs in frocks

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by canyonz, May 14, 2001.

  1. canyonz

    canyonz Guest

    They (we) are called frogs coz' we eat them! Well, mostly the legs since that's the biggest part. Tastes like chicken for 3 times the price, and more fiddly. Kind of a ripoff, really...

    Big difference between French Canadian and French. IQuebec is another country where they speak French, the purest form of it, whereas I just speak pidgin French after living overseas for 8 years. At least that's what my friends tell me.

    NZ canyons? Tropical or alpine, steep, wet, no crowds. Slots or very open. Sea or mountain views. Heaps of virgin canyons with lots of water. Need helicopter, coz' no roads and jungle. Good luck. Check out our website if you want some pics

    I take your point about access for guides. Totally agree about no precedence for guides. Funny thing, here the Park Authorities ask me to try and deter unguided parties to go canyoning in the spots where I guide. Of course I don't, I just give them some advice if I see any. Figure that one out. having a monopoly without asking for it. Some would love that...

    Where is Mountain Meadows?

  2. Julien,

    OK. I think I get it. I don't know the differences between Quebec and France but I had a good time anyway.

    NZ sounds wild! My wife and I would love to get over there someday. I guess we need to add canyoning to the list of climbing, etc.

    Actually, we live in St. George. This is a lovely town just south of the famous Mountain Meadows Massacre site - scene of one of the nation's most henious terrorist acts. Its also the site of the nuclear fallout during the nuclear testing era of the 50's. Needless to say, we wash our vegetables pretty good.

    We're also close to Zion National Park - a canyoneering mecca.

    Take care, Mel
  3. canyonz

    canyonz Guest


    NZ is fairly wild in some places. Great mountaineering as well, nice rock climbing too, seakayaking, hiking, volcanoes, beaches, glaciers, the lot! Very different to Utah. Went to Zion in 99 knowing about the climbing there, but without gear and without knowing there was this fabulous canyoning too, aaaargh! Zion was one of the most beautiful and amazing places I have ever seen, totally out of this world. I guess Mountain Meadows is in Utah, isnt' it? What is this terrorist act you're talking about? Tell me if you'd like more info on Noo Zealand.

    Teuns, thanks for the South African welcome, I promise I won't talk about the All Blacks. I support the French anyway. You call canyoning 'kloofing' over there, is that correct? Is that the noise people make when they land in a pool? Do you have any info on SA canyoning for us, mate?

  4. Hi Julien, Please do tell whatever you can about Noo Zealand. Someday I plan to get over there.

    Let us know if you're ever in Zion again. Lot's of great canyoneering.


    << Tell me if you'd like more info on Noo Zealand. >>
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