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FreezeFest XVII- 2018-2019

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Ram


    Mike....too bad you did not come down. I know of 2 separate groups that did all the Hogs in the same day. On top of that, one of those groups did more canyons the day they did the basic 4. I will let them share the story (hint, hint, prod, prod).

    Come on folks, how about some more FF Tr's!
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  2. Bogie


    Salt Lake City
    FreezeFestCrewLow. For my first Freeze Fest I had really enjoyable and enlightening time. Surprise … large groups can move very effectively and efficiently through difficult terrain and work as a cohesive unit without all that much confabulation (Now that’s a word you don’t hear everyday!). This speaks very well to the ability and understanding of each member. The skill I observed in placing Sand Trap anchors with regard to effectiveness, direction, pull downs, avoiding rope grooves, backups, and speed of setting is a testament to the level of expertise of those doing placements. In addition to the assist and escape techniques, while not entirely new to me, capture methods did Grab my attention as an innovative art form.

    The enthusiasm and camaraderie of the people I met, many for the first time, contributed to my growing respect for the people of the canyons, albeit slightly warped, considering the cold, snow and shortness of the days, but it certainly made for more interesting conversation. I intend to NOT make this my last FF. I hope this “Bad Idea” endures. Many thanks to those who allowed me this winter extravagance.
  3. Don

    Don Never nude.

    Happy Valley
    Only 11 months from today I'll be packing up for FF18!
  4. EvergreenDean

    EvergreenDean OK with what happens

    Boulder, UT
    Wow, what an honor to have them both present. I wish I could have made it but as you said, snow was amazing in Colorado. As our climate continues to warm, it’s hard to pass up these opportunities to slide on the white stuff. Thanks for the pics and stories. See you all in the spring!

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