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News FreezeFest Survival Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ratagonia, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    (from Ram)

    --- In Yahoo Canyons Group, "RAM" <adkramoo@> wrote:

    An annual rite. I dig this old post out and put it out there. Its five years old now and lots of new ideas and methods have grown up, along with the attendance at the fest. I am still swamped work wise, so I'm not really looking it over. Hopefully all the FreezeFest veterans will amend and add all that has been learned. I'll review and comment when I get the chance.

    Here a few of the things I have learned.....

    1-A super warm sleeping bag is heavenly
    2-A back up bag, squeezed under a seat in the car, gives piece of mind and
    doesn't take up much room
    3-Three foam pads is mighty comfortable and warm
    4-A 60 gallon trash liner, to keep personal gear frost free and dry, next to
    your sleeping arrangements, works well
    5-More 60 gallon, heavy duty liners, for wet gear. Can't bring too many.
    6-Lots of firewood, for those endless evening hours.
    7-Interesting companions, with the gift of gab. A must
    8-Spirits, for the illusion of warmth and the illusion of the gift of gab.
    9-Dehydration at bedtime. That 3AM pee is worth avoiding. Hydrate in the AM
    10-Layers of clothing, for the campsite. If you don't feel like the Michelin
    Man or a blow up doll, put on some more clothes
    11-Hot breakfasts.
    12-Stove, pot, water and matches, right next to your bed.
    13-Ten course dinners. Eat all you want, lose weight. A truly effective diet.
    14-Package your lunches for every day, at home in the warmth of the house,
    before the trip. Grab a bag every day, rather than pack up in the cold
    15-I have 5 pairs of neo socks. Most of the week is over before a wet one
    goes on the feet, in the morning
    16-A little warm water, from the stove, unfreezes those shoes and is nice and
    17-Old, shredded wet suits, make great garb, for MOSTLY dry canyons. The
    occasional waist deep pool is a non issue, the system is warm and it is great
    armor in the tight world of many a canyon.
    18-A different dry, shredded wet suit, for the first 3 days, is heaven. By
    day 4, a suit and some socks have dried.
    19-A pair of waterproof, Air Force Mickey Mouse/bunny boots, insulated to -50
    below zero for the campsite. If the feet are happy, your happy.... and
    fashionable too.
    20-Cheese, yogurt and fresh fruit need no cooler. Keep them deep enough in
    the car prevent freezer burn.
    21-Haven't discovered at what temperature scotch freezes yet.
    22-Extra ground sheets create layering and segregation of wet gear, in the
    vehicle. Critical!
    23-A LARGE community tent, for when the wind blows too hard, for a safe fire
    24-Heaters and a generator to warm that big tent
    25-It is always comfortable in the canyons proper
    26-It is often very uncomfortable on the AM bench land approach to the canyon
    27-It's generally not worth carrying extra gear to stay warm that first hour,
    as it is often not needed the rest of the day
    28-Flashlights in the pack, in the sleeping bag, in the car, everywhere!
    29-Canyon water can only get so cold and it is never as bad in reality, as
    the anticipation
    30-FreezeFests have lots of return customers. It's getting new folks over
    their prejudice and out on a trip, that is the hard part.
    31-Soccer Mom chairs, for in the big tent or around the fire are worth their
    weight in gold
    32-Cooking tables make excellent wind breaks, when laid on their side.
    33-Go ahead, eat some more!
    34-The inside of a convenience store feels really weird after 4-5 days of
    being only outside.
    35-Dusty dirt insulates and works as sunscreen
    36-Water freezes in canyons, in the open areas next to narrow places and
    stays liquid in the darkest and narrowest places.
    37-All reptiles and FreezeFesters know that there is always a place, often
    sunny and always out of the wind, to be comfortable in.
    38-A mid winter trips helps the sanity between the prime fall and spring
    39-Let the beard and hair grow. Shaggy is warmer
    40-A January 1st Black Hole is an eloquent way to start the year.
    41-FreezeFest partners have a build in "No Whining" filter. They laugh or
    smile big smiles, all the time and are a joy to be around.
    42-When its over, a hot shower, loving wife and 2 pretty cool kids welcome me
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  2. Ram


    Yahoo group? What is a Yahoo group?

    Some other things....

    ~Recycling is a thing at FreezeFest. Containers have been provided by Malia in the past and volunteers, usually with pick-ups, take bags to centers near their homes.

    ~ NO TREATED WOOD!! PLEASE! NO BURNING of anything in the fire except paper. PLEASE!

    ~ some folks bring groovers for pooing. Others drive the 5 miles to Hog Springs picnic unauthorized pooing :wtf::vomit::yuck:

    ~when the car is on, wet stuff by your feet, with the heater on

    ~ a canyon, with a drive to it, is a warm way to start the day

    ~ stuff wet shoes with something, dirty shirt, newspaper, whatever, overnight. Shoes shrink when they freeze

    ~dish gloves under canyon gloves works for warmth. I have switched to thin wool gloves, under canyon gloves and this works too

    ~ too much neoprene is almost as bad as too little. Overheating, too much resistance, dehydration, cramps

    ~ I use coolers once a FreezeFest, to keep things from freezing.

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  3. Don

    Don Never nude.

    Happy Valley
    I copied these FF survival notes for a friend who is thinking about coming along. I added a few notes of my own:

    1 - Warm adult beverages (Hot Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum, Irish Coffee, Wassail, Mulled Wine) should be shared!
    2 - The Army-issue sleeping bag system is USUALLY warm enough. But it never hurts to have extra blankets or bags.
    3 - Contact lens case, solution, spare lenses all go into the sleeping bag with you at night.
    4 - Wetwipes go into the sleeping bag with you at night.
    5 - Phone, GPS, GoPro camera, all go into the sleeping bag with you at night.
    6 - Some nice high-energy dark-chocolate before bedtime will help you sleep warmer.
    7 - I will be bringing a groover, but it's only for emergency pooping (eg; pooping after you've had too much alcohol to drive.)
    8 - Never let anyone know if you're going to use the groover during peak alcohol consumption hours.
    9 - A neck gaitor is my favorite piece of warmth.
    10 - Memory foam (pillows or pads) when frozen are stiff as a board, and FROZEN. No fun to sleep on.
    11 - Don't let Cody drink more than you; he'll always get your drunk-ass out of the snowy bushes and into a sleeping bag. (This one could save your life.)
    12 - When streaking camp Vaseline helps prevent freezer burn.
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  4. MrAdam


    13- Beware of the Moqui Queen and plastic snakes
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  5. Dan Ransom

    Dan Ransom Staff Member

    Salt Lake
    14 - There will be fart machines. Don't take it personally.
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  6. Tom Collins

    Tom Collins

    Woodland Hills, UT
    There will be many shenanigans in general, don't come if you have thin skin.
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  7. LonePeak


    Lithium ion batteries (in cell phones) can lose all electrical potential in the cold, so don't rely on them for GPS & beta. Sometimes they work again when warmed up. Don't charge them when cold, or they can be irreversibly damaged (loose charge life). Disposable alkaline batteries are more temperature resistant. Older iPhone models don't respond well to water. Don't ask how I learned these lessons, or how many starlit hours I spent in the frigid backcountry when the hardcopy backup beta was missing a map.
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  8. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
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  9. stefan

    stefan wandering utahn

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