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UT: North Wash FreezeFest! So, How was it and Where is It?

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by bruce from bryce, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. bruce from bryce

    bruce from bryce

    Here it is January 16, 2023, Martin Luther King's Birthday, and I am wondering what transpired during the 2022-2023 Freezfest. A search of the internet produced nary a word and the Collective had only a couple of mentions of a poorly build anchor and a fall where the person was not injured too badly.
    I look forward to the written word and the accompanying photos. Football can only provide just so much entertainment for me and I am sure that some of ou could care less about the playoffs and the Super Bowl.
    Take care.
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  2. Ram


    Prodded from my busy work schedule, here are some of the stats for FreezeFest XXI. Hopefully more pictures of trip reports will be posted.

    Between the 26th of December and January 1st, 30 folks attended, the lowest non covid amount since FF VI.

    17 men, 13 women, 1 dog (female) attended.
    There were 8 new folks

    People from Utah, Colo, Ariz, NM, ILL, Nev.

    Weather was rainy, a bit of snow, occasionally windy and very warm.
    Low temp was 23F and a high in the low 50's.
    Three nights did not go below freezing.
    Canyons were done in Cedar Mesa, San Rafael Swell, Capital Reef and North Wash.
    The bulk of the group decided that the 90% forecast of rain on January 1st made the Black Hole a bad idea.
    We considered doing it the day before, but Shenanigan's and Epic Blarney were chosen instead.
    I have heard that a family group of 6, two parents and four kids descended the Hole on the 1st.
    I don't know what conditions they experienced but heard that FB showed the kids taking a shower in side fill water fall.
    Not sure if it was snow melt or from rain (Yikes!).
    I will not pass any judgment, as I do not have the facts AND because the conditions that our Christmas Day group encountered can not be called anything other than quite dangerous. So no stones coming for me. That story to come within the week, I hope.
    PS the anchor failure and injury report Bruce mentions occurred in November of 2018, not at this FreezeFest
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