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Freezefest: Sandthrax Tips, Tricks, Care and Feeding

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by tj_wetherell, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. tj_wetherell

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    More tips from the archives:

    Sandthrax can be a nice campsite but is subject to heavy use. It is our job to keep it habitable for all to enjoy. Here is some valuable info:

    * Stay off the vegetation with your cars and tents

    * Recently mice have been *very* active/aggressive, secure your food, and clean up your camp kitchen.

    * A bit of clean-up every day goes a long way to preventing trash from blowing around. There are no trash cans, so bring your own bags! The wind can pick up, so anchor/secure garbage, drying clothes, your tent.....

    * There is no bathroom! Hog Springs, just 5 miles down the road also has a dumpster, but BYO T.P. lest you be disappointed. If you are not willing to drive to Hog, please use doggy bags/ pee bottles and remove all your waste.

    * BYO Firewood!

    * When you arrive, look for the big communal fire ring, and make your camp close (or far) depending on your desire/tolerance for nighttime revelry.
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