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Freeze Fest 2020-2021

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Patterson, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Gooseberry


    [QUOTE="2065toyota, post: 119410, There is no way to tell how every individual will be affected by it

    There is actually a fair amount of progress on this subject. Approaching it from a blind medical point of view you may be correct. CV has, however, illuminated the importance of sequencing individual DNA as a baseline for understanding how virology interacts with specific individuals. Hopefully, the growth of this analysis will be a clinically significant outcome of this pandemic. As an extension of this granular analysis, it is important to recognize the difference between political values, ethical values, and—in this situation—medical protocols. They are not the same things, and are in fact frequently in tension with one another. Objectively analyzing this tension is generally instructive in providing broader solutions. On the other hand, blind adherence to dogma or ideology is a restriction on the utilization of all the tools in ones toolbox in fixing a problem. Maximum adaptive utilization is superior to blind ideological purity. Period. History is rife with examples. Simple rules (tempting as they are to apply) are not efficacious in solving (or even understanding) complex problems. On the contrary. The proof is the pudding. Look at the dire situation we are in. Overly rigid embrace of ideology over analysis leads to the failure to recognize uncomfortable facts such as total deaths. At that point, progress on the problem is impossible. People are then merely scrambling for the largest platform from which to trumpet their ideology. That’s the quagmire in which we are largely currently ensconced. Digital dark ages.
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  2. Craig

    Craig Feeling My Way

    [QUOTE="...blind adherence to dogma or ideology is a restriction on the utilization of all the tools in ones toolbox in fixing a problem.[/QUOTE]

    So true. All ideologues are blind. In this case, blind to the fact that we are dying by the thousands and it is their fault.

    Stay safe!
  3. rawtrails


    Couldn’t find a thread for 2021-22 freest fest. Any plans? [mention]Ram [/mention] [mention]ratagonia [/mention] [mention]Austin Farnworth [/mention] [mention]Tom Collins [/mention]

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  4. Eroni


    Hans Flat, UT
    I've had anecdotal conversations with some folks who plan to go, so I'd assume it is worth going to Northwash at some point for a day or two between Christmas and New Years.
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