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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Canyon Collective, May 13, 2018.

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    Forum Etiquette

    Our goal at the Canyon Collective is to foster an environment of collaboration and respect. Read the forum etiquette guidelines occasionally and be familiar with their content. The forum guidelines will evolve over time as the community grows. Consider the etiquette guidelines to be a living document, and feel free to add your voice to the comments if you have suggestions.

    As a member, you can:
    • Share unique knowledge and experiences with the community.
    • Post trip reports, canyon conditions, photos, and videos.
    • Improve and expand the content of the canyon betabase by submitting beta or revisions to existing routes.
    • Read and share gear reviews.
    • Research canyon routes, participate in forum discussions and join meet-up groups.
    • Ask for and provide technical knowledge, or share canyon beta and conditions
    What type of experience can I expect on Canyon Collective?
    Our goal is create a positive, nurturing, useful and entertaining center for discussion of canyon-centric topics. We hope you share that goal with us, and will make contributions to the community that have a positive effect. This shared goal is the basis for participation. Some etiquette guidelines are provided to help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to appropriate behaviour.

    Please Do:
    • Remember the Golden Rule. Treat people the way you would treat them in real life. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.
    • Assume Good Faith.
    • Empower newcomers. Be open, warm, and welcoming. Joining a new and unfamiliar online community can be intimidating and daunting. Encourage newcomers to jump right in and contribute.
    • State your reason for any editing of posts. Even if it was just edited for spelling, a simple "Edit: spelling" will help explain. This avoids confusion when a post is edited after a conversation breaks off from it. If you have another thing to add to your original comment, say "Edit: And I also think..." or something along those lines.
    • Search for duplicates before posting.
    • Consider posting constructive criticism and an explanation, and do so carefully and tactfully.
    • Report any spam you find.
    • Apologize. When discussions get heated, we often say things we regret.
    Please Do Not:
    • Engage in or promote illegal activity. This includes promoting or admitting to trespassing, poaching, or otherwise illegally accessing canyons.
    • Post explicit material such as nudity, horrible injury, or vulgarity. There are likely very few times when a canyon-related thread should become NSFW, and still be relevant. Please use your best judgement.
    • Make negative or disparaging comments about other community members or organizations.
    • Post someone else's personal information, or post links to personal information. Directly linking to relevant content on other personal websites is permissible.
    • Be rude when someone doesn't follow forum etiquette. Please send a private message to a moderator with a link to the offending post. Or politely link them directly to this thread, and keep in mind that these are guidelines.
    • Be intentionally rude at all. By choosing not to be rude, you increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us.
    • Follow those who are rabble rousing against another Canyon Collective member or without first investigating both sides of the issue that's being presented. Those who are inciting this type of action often have malicious reasons behind their actions and are, more often than not, a troll. Remember, every time a Canyon Collective member who's contributed large amounts of effort into assisting the growth of community as a whole is driven away, projects that would benefit the whole easily flounder.
    • Ask people to troll others on The Canyon Collective, in real life, or on other blogs/sites.
    • Conduct personal attacks on other members. Ad hominem and other distracting attacks do not add anything to the conversation.
    • Start a flame war. Just report and "walk away". If you really feel you have to confront them, leave a polite message with a quote or link to the rules, and no more.
    • Insult others. Insults do not contribute to a rational discussion. Constructive Criticism, however, is appropriate and encouraged.
    • Troll. Trolling Does not contribute to the conversation
    Who runs the site?
    Canyon Collective is a concept that originated around a crowded canyon campfire in 2009. In 2012, Dan Ransom designed the original concept, and collaborated with Nick Woolley of Backcountrypost to create the original site. Additional support and input was provided by Kip Marshall, Steve Ramras, owners of the Yahoo Canyons Group, and numerous other canyoneers. The operational costs of the site are currently covered by donation from Imlay Canyon Gear. In early 2014, Jeremy Freeman took ownership of the website.
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