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First Annual American Canyoneers fundraiser for SAR Teams

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wolf, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. wolf


    THE RESULTS ARE IN! The fund raiser for the Coconino County SAR team was a HUGE SUCCESS! After paying the Flagstaff and Tempe theater costs, net proceeds to the SAR team was an incredible $4,012. The American Canyoneer's board elected to fund the $1,250 venue costs directly as a donation to the SAR team; so the team will receive $5,262 total gross proceeds!

    We deeply appreciate the support these events received from the Flagstaff and Phoenix communities. Those who attended donated very generously. We would like to also thank key sponsors including Arizona Hiking Shack, Imlay Canyon Gear, Babbits, Petzl, and Trimble Outdoors. Their donations of gear helped make the raffle a big success.

    Thank you to FIX and Dan Ransom for donating their incredible films, ‘Down The Line’ and ‘Last of the Great Unknown’ to entertain the audiences. Thank you to canyoneering pioneer Joe DeSalme for sharing the adventure and feeling of finding and first descending Insomnia Canyon. Thank you to Brandon Torres for sharing canyoneering accident statistics in Zion in a witty presentation that reminded us all of “what not to do” in slot canyons. Thank you to the dozens of members of the Coconino Country SAR team who helped get the word about the events and volunteered their time to make the events go smoothly. And last but not least, thank you to Sgt. Aaron Dick and Victor Walco for a riveting presentation on the rescue in Insomnia Canyon. Their dedication and skill in saving a severely injured canyoneer is an inspiration to us all.

    The Facebook post for American Canyoneers can be found at: We would like to extend a special thanks to: Rich, Felicia and Sonny for their efforts.

    Your generous donations to the Coconino County SAR team will fund training and equipment to support the volunteers on future rescues. Thank you for helping them help us!

    BE SAFE out there!

  2. Ram


    Uh, yeah! Kudos for making this happen. A lot of work went into this and our community was made to look good and our goals of access likely enhanced. may we all find other ways to help. Consider joining, if you have not already. numbers matter.
  3. Tayres


    Thanks for the report. Much appreciated. What a huge success. Nice work to all involved.
  4. trackrunner


    :twothumbs:nice job

    any interest for those living in the Wasatch Front to copy this event and raise funds for SAR?
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