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Final 6th spot available for West Canyon + Face & Labyrinth

Discussion in 'Meet Up' started by RossK, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. RossK


    I'm afraid this will be hiking only as we won't have time to canyoneer as we will only be in each canyon for one day, but we have a reservation for 6 people Aug 21, 22, 23 to see West, Face and Labyrinth on Lake Powell and only 5 of us are going if anyone fancies the last spot.

    The cost is only $168 per person and that includes the gas and tax. It covers a water taxi from Antelope Point to Face on 21st with 3 two-man kayaks included to see Face that day. Later afternoon a water taxi takes us to West to camp and hike it the 22nd as far as we can get (won't make whole way, perhaps 1/3), late afternoon a taxi takes us to Labyrinth with the kayaks to camp and see it the 23rd before at the end of the day a taxi takes us back to Antelope.

    This option with the free kayaks worked out much cheaper than renting a boat. Obviously this is entirely weather-dependent, also depends on canyon mouth conditions e.g. if there's debris. If rain is expected we won't go in slots, (although the wider lower part of West - which has quite a lot of higher ground - should be ok) so we will have to do something else on the lake that's not risky. If interested best to email me so I see the answer quickly rosskaniuk (at)

    Five photos to try and entice you taken on my last visit.



    P1010357imp2. .


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