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Tech Tip: Question FiddleStick frequency?

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Tricam, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Tricam


    I have to say - you're right :)

    After just a couple weeks of using this, it went from "this crazy thing I'll have for emergencies" to something I use regularly. I've taken it with me to practice with at the end of climbing days and have gotten ~50 raps on it, and now it feels quite comfortable. I've also been taking it up a lot of climbs, which has allowed rappel starts from trees comfortably above the cliffs instead of downclimbing to where the descent anchors were installed to allow pulling ropes.

    I haven't gotten the toggle stuck yet (most of the walls I've used it on have been vertical-overhung), but I did get the rope stuck once when using it around a rock pinch, which was a good learning experience. Luckily this happened here where it was just an inconvenience and not out in a canyon.

    I had originally thought that I would primarily use a retrievable sling style anchor for the increased safety, but now I would default to the toggle unless there was something that would make it unsafe.
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  2. Canyonero


    Yea, don't fiddle chockstones. You only do that once. You'll have to leave sling on them, then fiddle the sling.
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