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UT: North Wash FF XVI-Sham, Morocco, Piglet

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Ram, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Ram


    Sonny and I arrived at Sandthrax midday on the 27th to find only two folks in camp. Basia from Illinois and Seth from Texas (Seth, you still lurking? Time for a 1st post?).

    I have grown accustomed to doing Shamrock, on the day of arrival. It faces the afternoon sun, is short, has some moderate down climbs, to help get into the "North Wash frame of mind" after the Zion Christmas tradition. Sonny is a great teacher and both Basia and Seth picked up a lot of pointers and got in some belayed down climbs too.

    Many folks arrived that evening and a movement arose to go and do Shenanigan's. to put it?.....I was unlikely to fit and did not feel the love for stemming over the 4th narrows again. Jerzy came in and he and Basia and I went to Morocco. That canyon has become quite popular among FF-ers and is the preferred mini-slot. I had only done it once, years ago when doing all 3 of the local mini's, in one day.

    We leisurely made our way up to the top, after a late-ish start, where I promptly took an hour long nap. I now understand why it has become popular. The lighting was awesome, the canyon dry and it is quite pretty. When we got to the bottom and noted that it was barely 2 PM, we hemmed and hawed and finally decided to go for Merry Piglet.

    So we started late, went slow, lacked efficiency...and then when it was late and we had real time pressure, we embraced the challenge of a short time window. Talk about different moods.

    I had done this canyon twice, once on the "all three in one day" occasion and once with this canyon's pioneer, Wyoming Dave. I think the canyon gets a bad rap. Ryan says its his least favorite in the hood. Not for me. It has one to seven or so raps...which means LOTS of down climbs, for those inclined. And as often is the case, they look harder from above. I fully recommend this little gem.

    Any way, our group found its efficiency and made it out the bottom with half and hour of daylight left. Pictures?





    FF morning


    Then to Morocco and Piglet

    [​IMG] [​IMG]





    It would be the 4th night before I cooked my own dinner. Thanks Basia

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  2. basia

    basia basia

    Ram, thank you so much for doing these canyons with us and sharing pictures! Being there with you was a great pleasure!
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