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Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Poco Loco Adventures, Dec 14, 2000.

  1. About the Anchor Policy : no comments, all safe and sound principles according to me.

    I think the "do not pull anchors unless unsafe" principle is the way to go. Pulling anchors at random will only result in more damage to the rock because there is no turning back the clock. More and more people of all levels will be going down canyons, more and more people will meet inside the canyons (talk about diminishing the quality of the experience. . ).

    If someone gets caught pulling an anchor without a very good reason in Europe, chances are that grieveous bodily harm may result. Reasons like "offending my aesthetical sense" would NOT be regarded as a good reason. Theft and putting other peoples lives at risk will be the reasons given to justify the bloody nose and discolouration of private parts. . .

    For the guys who cannot stand the sight of an anchor on top of every (for them) possible downclimb, one advice: GO EXPLORING ! The USA must have an enormous potential of pristine canyons just waiting to be explored, what are you waiting for ? Only yesterday I talked to a Wilderness Medical Association instructor. After viewing a video I recently shot he commented "hey, I bet you can do this where I live in Maine (!?!), I know quite a few spots". How big are the Rockies, by the way ? No reason to set one foot in a bolted canyon for the next ten years if you want to. Even well trodden areas can surprise you. This summer we opened 3 new canyons right next to my doorstep in the Spanish Pyrenees - probably the most topoed (canyonwise) region in the world. Carefull, the real "exploring experience" is absolutely addicting. If you're not sure of your know-how, do an ACA course or invite Rich to come along. Might be an idea for a workshop: how to look for, organise and descend pristine canyons and live to tell about it.

    About the Info Booklet : I don't know if describing an accident like that will have the maximum-awareness-effect you're aiming at. A lot of people will still dismiss such a story with a "it won't happen to me" attitude. I repeat that putting a few pictures of the same spot before and during a flash flood will be much more effective driving this home through the sometimes very thick scull of our fellow canyoneers (if the budget allows it).

    Nice job done


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