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Fat Man's Misery West Fork - Memorial Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by VBlueV, May 29, 2019.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    (Uh, not really. But maybe there I was concentrating on getting down to the falls and back expeditiously, rather than taking pictures.)

    Perhaps I should read more carefully. The BESTEST stretch is between Misery and the Powell exit. 15 minutes UP the East Fork, and 15 minutes down the East Fork, from that section are also good sections. This photo is just below Misery.


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  2. RossK


    Thanks @VBlueV - that's very helpful. My question may have sounded a bit silly after I said I'd done the W. Fork if you thought I'd scrambled up, but we didn't exit that way - we went up Parunuweap to the east.

    Sounds from your description scrambling down wouldn't save that much time over E. Fork anyway by the time you've been very slow & careful & used handlines to get down, even if E. Fork is longer. (having said that 10ft "rocky slides" usually mean despositing a lot of blood & skin, but hopefully not broken bones!! For a moment I thought MIA might be a canyoneering term I'd never picked up on for all steep exits because as Tom joked people regularly go missing in action on them). If any of your W. Fork crew who fancied doing E. Fork are interested in the Falls in Oct let me know.
  3. mbhc


    Awesome picture of Labyrinth Falls. I also think the Barracks upstream if Misery is well worth the walk, for quite a ways... barring the occasional tire in the stream.
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