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Fat Man's last weekend

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Amy K, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Amy K

    Amy K

    Salt Lake City, UT
    So last weekend four of us - @Chasetharp , Chelsey, Eric, and myself went to Zion and did Fat Man's Misery - West Fork. The approach wasn't too bad, the canyon was beautiful, and the exit was.. well there were a lot of trails let's put it that way. We got great lighting while in the canyon. We also got a plethora of trash and poop papers at the bottom of rappels and in pools. If you saw my post on FB you know how bad it was. All clean now though! The rock fall looked sketchy. We hiked LDC and build a new anchor off a tree. The rap is only maybe 30 feet followed by a downclimb. The current anchor was on a rock that from the bottom looked as though it could fall as well. Some of the group tried to hike back up the narrows we bypassed, but could only get so far, so if you choose to not rappel near the rock fall, you miss a small section of narrows. Anyways, the pools were all waist-chest deep, with a couple swimmers. We did not wear wetsuits. Water was cool, but since the canyon kept opening up it was okay. The water at the end was nice and warm and created a delightful slide that I climbed up and went down again. Overall a great time. The river was beautiful. Definitely filter water and fill the bottles back up before the exit. I was super glad I did.
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