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Escalante conditions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by etai, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. etai


    Hey, We have been canyoning in Zion for the past 4 days. (echo, Pinecreek, Keyhole, Spry, mystery and planning on going to subway and das boot tomorrow)

    Wanted to consult with you about which other areas are now recommended for canyoning.
    How is Escalante for example? Some sites say it was little low in water in August for example.

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  2. wisconnyjohnny


    279F9860-AFEB-4B8B-8DE5-95C6C18E804A. I did Egypt 2 yesterday and was bone dry. I was gonna do Spencer but have kept watch on storms and I heard it was prolly full of water and needed lots of anchor replacements which I don’t like doing.(that’s the boring part)
    So ummm storms passed over neon to ringtail a few weeks back so I imagine full. Spencer flat and Escalante River have seen more rain then hole in the rock areas
    Keep us posted
    I’m curious
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