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UT: North Wash Epic Blarney - Freeze Fest XII - Dec 31, 2013

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by dweaver2130, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. dweaver2130

    dweaver2130 Canyoneering Duo from AZ

    So on New Year's Eve ten brave adventurers set out on an "Epic" journey. No we weren't returning the ring of Sauron, just going up East Blarney and down West Barney.

    Kevin and Perrin, Mike Z and Kelly, Heather, Malia, Peter, Casey, Anna, and myself were the adventurers.

    Everyone has their own tale in this epic, but here is our tale.

    We had planned for a late 930 AM start (thankfully), everyone was on time! We made the long trek down to the Blarney trailhead.

    The climb up was tough for some of us (mostly myself), and others (Perrin, Peter, and Casey) made us look worse than we really were. Conditions were good as we went, lots of laughing, smiles, and twerking. Partner assists were used often, and we had to break out the aider once. Soon we were at the top for a lunch break, which was shortened by a cold biting wind and lack of sunshine.

    Across the top layer we went, and to the first rappel we descended. Like a group of ants we tore it down and rebuilt it proper. After most everyone received their first fireman's belay from an actual fireman we stared stemming and down climbing our way out. We had a short delay at the second rappel as it was rebuilt. Malia and Kevin down climbed the second rappel as the rest of us took touristy photos.

    Soon enough we reached the bottom, posed for more touristy photos and broke into two groups. One group to camp, the other to Blondies for yummy burgers and fries shared over a space heater.

    On a side note some sick minded person ordered a milk shake and was refused, as milk shakes are not made during the colder months…who'd have thought?

    After we all had our fill we made it back to camp, dodging a few cows along the way to begin the night's festivities.

    Looking down the second rappel




    The line for rappel #2

    We were trying to remember which Blarney we left our keys in.
  2. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    A classic canyon. Looks like a great time.
  3. cirrus2000


    Vancouver, BC
    A lot of fun, doing this is a loop - something I'd not tried before! Climbing up East was both fun and tiring - with some excellent teamwork all around.

    The rappel in the middle of West Blarney was wonderful as a downclimb. Just a little practice with using friction to descend, and it's pretty straightforward.

    This made a terrific half-day out, for a semi-rest day before the Black Hole on the first, and the company was top-notch!

    Photos are only from the ascent of East Blarney, and from the top. Camera died after that!

    Heather climbing up through a tight spot:

    Anna, Perrin and Don wait below the climb:

    Perrin starts up the next major climb:

    Impossible to find the RSS link
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  4. Mike Zampino

    Mike Zampino Canyon season never ends.

    Phoenix, AZ
    Why does everyone's photos look better than mine. :(

    Such a fun group!!!
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