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Englestead 2 Stage Rap

Discussion in 'Utah' started by galoob.sam, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. galoob.sam


    I'm looking for beta on the first rap in Englestead. We're looking to do the 2 stage rap option with 2x60m ropes, so, some questions:
    1. How long is the second stage? Kelsey's book suggests the second stage is actually somewhere between 62 and 65 meters. Tom's book says even 60. Internet says everything in between.
    2. Condition of the bolts for the second stage? They've been described in various places as "old", but what does that mean? 1/4"? Star drive? Leper hangers? No hangers?
    3. Sounds like if you rap the 2nd stage with a 60, it will have you then rapping to the second pothole ledge from a single bolt. Is this still true? Are there materials available at that spot for a cairn anchor as an alternative? (Wait, did I just suggest that I'd rather rap off a pile of rocks than a single bolt? Does that officially make me a canyoneer?)
    4. Better yet, anybody with a 300' rope wanna do Englestead this week?

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  2. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    Hi Sam -

    Thanks for your questions.

    When doing with 60m ropes, you can rap down to the corner

    - two well-placed modern bolts with hangers.
    - a small stance, but good enough for one person to hang out and help others changeover from the top short rappel to the long rappel.
    - expect to re-rig the webbing here as it is not done all that much this way.

    ... and then switch over to a 60m rope, which reaches easily to the BIG LEDGE. There is a solid two-bolt anchor at the BIG LEDGE, and then the second rap is 40 or 50 feet. (Comment: from the top tree, it is possible to rappel all the way past the BIG LEDGE to the bottom of the 'second rappel'.)

    I have a 285' Canyon Fire you can borrow... send me a PM.

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  3. Preston Gable

    Preston Gable

    I have a 300' but won't be out till next week.
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