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East Pasture Pothole Fork TR - 09/13/08

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Doug French, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Doug French

    Doug French Guest

    We went looking for a warm up canyon to start off a weekend in the Roost. We only had about 5 hours left in the day so we decided on a hike down Pothole Fork of East Pasture. It gave us an excuse to check out the area. We took the right branching road past the parking area for Little White Roost and followed it out to the edge of Pasture. We dropped into the canyon and followed it down thru a series of fun potholes some of which were half filled with water. Most of the water was very clear which allowed us to see the depth of the water. Most were waste deep or less. Some of the potholes had tadpoles. There was a flow of water thru the last couple of potholes. For us there were two rappels. The first rappel could be down climbed, but I built an anchor because it was a little dicey. The last rappel dropped into a pothole that was full of water and almost a keeper. This pothole sits on an edge of another drop. The last drop can be climbed down on the left and out into the East Fork of Pasture. From there the challenge is to find the exit climb with the Cowboy Moki steps. I think it is climbable without using the Cowboy steps. It isn't that steep. Those are some good sized chunks taken out of the sandstone. We found those and we were back to our vehicle in under 4 hours. The canyon was easy, short and sweet. Cool little slot.

    Posted some pictures over at

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