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dual diameter rope rappel

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Chris s. Raver, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Shane,

    I made a quick decent of Mystery on Saturday. On thing I noticed that kinda pissed me off was the piece of rope connecting the anchors on the long rappel into mystery springs. I had my knife in hand ready to cut the rope but ended up leaving it behind. I¡Çll probably end up pulling the rope next time I decend the canyon. The first time I dropped into Mystery canyon was in 1995 and I seem to remember the canyon being much harder. Many of the difficult downclimbs or swims can now be bypassed by a simple walk through the trees or by setting up yet another rappel. I love to take new people through these canyons but damnit since when did canyoneering become a spectator sport. Next thing you know people will be dropping into the canyon with a bag of concrete so they can safely take grandma, her wheelchair and an oxygen bottle through the canyon. Why don¡Çt we go to the local crag, chop and glue the climbing holds so most 4yr olds can climb a 5.13b. Where do we draw the line.

    Tom, Next time you want to go chop some bolts let me know. I¡Çll carry the crowbar.


    I added a new piece of webbing to one of the few remaining original anchors in the canyon. Under the bolder above mystery springs.

    The knot on the other webbing was pretty sad looking.

    Thank you

    Chris s. Raver

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    >>A few months ago, I noticed that the screw link on the last rap in Mystery was very large. In fact, a small biner might pass through it and or at a minumum get stuck. <<

    I pulled out most of the crap and back-ups and double back-ups and triple back-ups and rat nests and old webbing in Mystery two weeks ago. The last rappel now has a proper rapid. The canyon should now be rigged to the nice rap-n-swim tradition that ZIon Canyoneers have grown to adore.........I also collected a nice rack of bootie from Mystery............


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  2. >>Where do we draw the line. <<

    Ah yes, anther soul praying at the alter..........

    The rope at the top of Mystery Springs has become a permanent fixture. We discussed removing it but decided it was a waste of time since it would be fixed again in a week. For the rope to disappear the bolt has to go. I have personally removed that piece of clutter twice and it keeps showing back up. We skipped the rappel under the boulder so I did nothing with that sling. We did remove all the slings out of the easily downclimbable dogleg section and I know it can be downclimbed by anyone because our group ranged from both ends of the skill and height spectrum and no one had trouble with the downclimbs.

    We also skipped all the walk arounds and stayed in the watercourse which added to the spice of the adventure. I wish everyone who plans to do Mystery, Behunin and Spry would give serious consideration to staying in the watercourse and not contributing to the major erosion problems.

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