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Crack Addict Canyon - Coconino County

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by Todd Martin, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Todd Martin

    Todd Martin

    This isn't what I'd consider a "great" canyon, or even a "good" canyon, ... in fact it's not really a "canyon" at all, but a fault crack (thus the name). Friends and I did this one back in 2007 and recently people have been going through it so I'm assuming that there's some interest in it. For those that are, here's the info.

    Note - I didn't take extensive notes at the time, so feel free to post corrections as needed.

    OVERVIEW: More of a fault crack than a canyon formed by flowing water, Crack Addict is a tributary of Sterling Canyon. The canyon was totally dry when I was here, but there might be a puddle to wade.
    LOCATION: Coconino National Forest
    REQUIRED GEAR: 2x150' ropes, 60’ webbing, 10 rap rings, harness, descender, helmet, and carabiners.

    ACA Rating: 3A III
    Distance: 2.7 miles
    Physical Difficulty: Strenuous
    Elevation: 7,000 – 6,080 ft.
    Time Needed: 5-8 hours
    Best Time of Year: Fall, Spring
    Vehicle: High Clearance
    Car Shuttle: No
    Maps: USGS Dutton Hill AZ 7.5
    Navigation: Moderate

    DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Highway 89A north of Oak Creek turn west on FR 535. Drive 5 miles on this dirt road to a sign pointing left for Harding Point. Turn left on FR 535A, then left again a short distance later (towards Harding Point). Park between the canyon entry and exit near UTM: 12S 430645mE, 3875591mN, WGS84 Datum.
    Drop into the drainage near UTM: 12S 431119mE, 3875191mN, WGS84 Datum.
    Thrash through the brush.
    Rappel #1: 70 feet from a tree on the right.
    Rappel #2: 50 feet from a tree on a bench on the left.
    Rappel #3: 20 feet from a pinch point in the middle of the canyon.
    Rappel #4: 70 feet from a tree on the right.
    Rappel #5: 25 feet from a pinch point on the right at the top of the drop.
    Rappel #6: 120 feet from a tree on the left.
    Rappel #7: 25 feet from a pinch point in the middle of the canyon.
    Rappel #8: 45 feet from a big tree at the top.
    Complete a tricky downclimb or rappel
    Rappel #9: 25 feet from a pinch point at the top of the drop.
    Rappel #10: 140 foot double drop from a tree at the top.

    Continue downcanyon to the junction with Sterling Canyon, then turn left and head up this drainage. It’s a steep, brushy climb that is largely unpleasant. Eventually, progress will be blocked by a vertical cliff. Work your way around to the left and climb the loose dirt slope to gain the top. From there, continue to thrash the remainder of the way up and out of Sterling to the rim, then walk cross country to the south back to the road and your vehicle.






  2. Ram


    Thank you Todd. Always found it odd that folks advocate for the "Freedom of Information Canyoneering Act" and yet never say THANK YOU when someone shares something new. Again, thank you Todd.
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  3. robgriz


    Ran this 9/29/18 solo. There is a difficult way to access Harding Point from the 1st hairpin 89A and drop into the canyon. Cross Sterling and punch straight up to a small saddle. Work up ridge, being forced right to a short 5th class move to a manzanita flat. Work left edge of ridge on game trail to top. Took me 50mins. When i began 1st Rap, the place sounded like a beehive, it was infested with yellow jackets/ground hornets. By 3rd rap they kinda disappear and then appear in earnest on hike out Sterling crk. I don’t know how I didn’t get stung but it was kinda intense being around hundreds of hornets. I believe that the early start into the canyon at 7am had them ‘cold’ eoungh as they were just crawling over everything including myself and rope, in Sterling they were flying/crawling.
    A 2nd note: the canyon can be run with a single 60m, as there is a pinch point anchor mid-way on the final rap. A fun run despite the bees.

    upload_2018-9-30_8-44-56. upload_2018-9-30_8-43-0.
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