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AZ: Grand Canyon Coming Full Circle in the grand Cove Canyon

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by ratagonia, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah

    Dropping in the canyon was spectacular. What was to be in front
    of us? I didn’t know. I just knew we had the right amount of
    rope and we were up for the challenge. What’s incredible about
    canyoneering in the Grand is being able to drop into all the
    layers that make the Grand. You get to know each layer…its
    drops, its downclimbs, its boulders and you are challenged with
    each later.

    Adventure ahead

    As we kept dropping, each layer was as stunning as the last. Our
    first night at camp was at a confluence between the Redwall and
    Muav. We cooked our meals, looked at the stars and were treated
    to an all night serenade by an owl in canyon. For real? This my
    life I kept thinking, we all did.

    (sidebar 3: Cassy brought in fresh veggies and crazy stuff to
    make the most incredible Thai Noodles with peanut sauce. It was
    incredible epic and delish!)

    The next day we finished the canyon with one rappel after
    another. An important note\ about the Grand…rappelling with a
    heavy pack is one thing but most of these rappels have awkward
    starts and go free hanging. Belay please!

    Guest Rave by Cameron McMillan at CanyoneeringUSA
  2. Cameron

    Cameron Long Tall Texan by birth

    Saint George
    I can't wait to get back! Thanks for my guest spot!!!
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