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UT: Zion Checkerboard Canyon

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by adolfo_isassi, May 21, 2018.

  1. adolfo_isassi


    St. George UT
    We did Checkerboard 5/19/18. Camped at the TH (BluuGnome beta) Both North Fork Rd and spur road leading to camp site were in decent condition. High clearance recommended. No 4x4 necessary (dry conditions).

    Got a 5:30 am start. With a team of 4 and 3x200' ropes leapfrogging, we completed the canyon in 13 hrs. We used the Dakota Hill ridge approach, but stayed low in the last hill section to avoid unnecessarily loss and gain of elevation.

    Day temps were already in the 80's so we took only shorty wetsuits. Only the last lower section had water. 3, 4 chest deep pools with -cold- water. We failed to put the shorties thinking that we would warm up, and we got chilled during the last 2 rappels. If someone in your group is prone to getting cold easily -> Bring a wetsuit.

    We replaced one anchor in the middle section.
    Bring webbing and rapides as suggested in available betas. Some anchors are ageing faster than others as they are right in the floor / water flow.

    Canyon was long and beautiful. It feels like it is a "Zion Sampler": A collection of features and atmosphere found in other Zion canyons. Well worth the effort, shuttle and early start logistics.
  2. Anthony Dye

    Anthony Dye

    Springville, utah
    Checkerboard wasn't really even on my radar until I saw your photos posted on Facebook. Looks like a great canyon with a lot of beauty!
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  3. Steve Woodford

    Steve Woodford

    Maria and I did this with Ram and Pascale a few years ago. Started at 4;30 ended at the steps at 7pm! Long ass hike in bushwacking. The last rap down the "tube" was unique...
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