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Cedar Mesa - Hideout Canyon

Discussion in 'Utah' started by Mountaineer, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    Does anyone have information on this canyon? Access, approximate time to do, longest rappel, canyon rating? Is it a good one?

  2. Ram


    I remember doing the canyon in one huge day back in the early 1980's. We descended from the road, opposite where Cheesebox hits White Canyon. There is a side road that goes out there with some primitive camps that are good when the wind isn't blowing. It used to be the 75 mile marker but the mileage markers changed.

    We hiked out to the end of the bench and descended to White Canyon just downcanyon of Cheesebox confluence. The descent down had some class 4 moves up high and goes back and forth on a ledge or two. It may be cairned now? This works best when dry and snow free (northern exposure) . We hiked up to Cheesebox Canyon and to the right, looking up canyon, is a crease and a way up past the dryfall at the bottom of the canyon. Then follow the slope above a slot to where you can enter Cheesbox Canyon drainage proper. Head up canyon until you see the canyon coming in on the right that feeds from between Cheesebox Tower and the mesa to the north. There are a few dryfalls at first but they can be bypassed on the side. After passing through the pass between Cheesebox Tower and the mesa, find the slickrock on the rim of Hideout and ride it NE I think it is for several miles until you see the canyon become more V shaped, with reddish rock and pinion and juniper trees. This bench walk is fun, fast, easy and beautiful, with many views. Enter canyon and descend where practical. There is only one technical section and it is short. Two raps? One in and one out of the spot, with cold water in between. The canyon, above and below this very short technical spot, is pretty but not technically engaging.

    When you reach White Canyon, you can exit back toward Cheesebox Canyon confluence then up and out, or head up White Canyon several miles until you see an exit out up and right at some shallower cliff bands with ledges to take and probe weaknesses on, level by level. Those 30 years ago it was cairned and I heard it was a "rescue trail." A pretty Cedar Mesa ramble that may be better as a two day trip or a late April when days are long and it is not too hot. yet. You will have tired feet and nice visual memories either way

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  3. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    To add to the above, as far as being a good canyon, it has two (or more; we saw two) pretty good ruins in the canyon. Except for a tiny section at the rappel, there is no slot or narrows. The pool at the end (the one you reach from the bottom if going up canyon) is sometimes neat with dripping water, but was dry when we did the canyon as a technical one (the pools above probably always have water)

    The route we took (Kelsey's) was easily doable in a day. In addition to the two rappels mentioned, there is one way higher up, but you can enter the canyon below it.

    (Above is all from memory I haven't cross checked it with the book, so it may be a good idea to do so).
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