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canyons of southern utah map (update)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stefan, Sep 3, 2022.

  1. stefan

    stefan wandering utahn

    just a quick post to mention i've uploaded a larger version of the 'canyons of southern utah map' i put together a number of years ago.

    due to slower download speeds at the time, i had posted a highly-compressed, smaller version.

    this is a larger, higher-resolution version of the map (with the same labels as the original) that i had also made at the time.

    both maps are accessible at the direct link on canyon tales below

    southern utah map (update)

    you can also find it on the canyoneering links page

    (note: clicking the image will zoom it to its actual size. using the browser's zoom feature will allow it to be viewed at any desired zoom level)

    original canyons group thread:
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  2. Flapbag


    Absolutely stunning. Excited to turn into a poster for my wall!

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  3. geo


    Really amazing work, thank you for sharing!
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  4. Dan H

    Dan H FNG

    Western Colorado
    someone please make this a commercially available 3'X4' ish wall map and I (and thousands of other desert rats) will buy it. You could even sell it on a website maybe (Tom)
  5. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Nice map. With a quick peek, I'm noticing a few errors.

    Negro Bill is now Grandstaff (though the change might have occurred after you made the map).

    The canyon south of Moab is Hunter Canyon rather than Hunters Canyon.

    Stone Donkey is mismarked. It is the drainage to the south.

    Cool map.
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  6. stefan

    stefan wandering utahn

    many thanks to all for the kind and helpful feedback. i was going to mention that there are indeed a few labels that are off and need fixing and i still intend to add more to it (without adding too much). my original intention was to finish updating the map before posting this which i probably should have done.

    both the old and newly posted map were both made in 2006-2008 and should have the same (or mostly the same) labels though i fiddled with better compression a few years later to make the file (it's still highly compressed). the larger doubles the resolution in each direction in the underlying map.

    i appreciate all the comments, scott. good points. i will update the name to grandstaff. re: hunter canyon, on the 7.5 min it's labeled 'hunter canyon' in the lower canyon and 'hunters canyon' twice in the upper canyon. however, on both the 30x60 min and 1x2 deg topo maps it's labeled 'hunters canyon'. in steve allen's name book he has it listed as 'hunters canyon' but he cites lloyd holyoke who refers to it as 'hunter canyon'. tbh i am unsure what is the proper way to label it.
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