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Canyoneering Shoes?

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Ali Miller, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. UtahBrian


    Just acquired a pair of Merrell Moabs, the kind without Gore-Tex or other silly membranes (how is Gore Tex going to help in ice cold flowing water up to my hips?).

    Tried them out on a few dry rappels, loose steep talus, wading and climbing over wet boulders, and some low class 5 climbs. They took the water easily and drained and dried fast. They were sticky on hard rock and climbing holds without any visible wear and were comfortable the whole way in wool socks.

    I'm very pleased with them; I've never had a shoe perform so well and so comfortably submerged in water for an extended time and then used for climbing.

    Incidentally, the inaugural trip was Badger canyon in Marble Canyon.
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  2. Canyonero


    I'm still searching for the perfect canyon shoe. Durability is my most important factor, then comfort for a long walk. Next is good at keeping sand/mud/rocks out. Then sticky rubber. Finally, drainage. Honestly, don't even care about drainage.

    These are my favorite so far, but that strap at the top didn't last a week and the little lace holders are garbage. Fix those two problems and it would be perfect. The bottom is way more durable than the 5.10s and I think they walk a lot better. They were really good at keeping sand out for the first week until I had to cut the straps off.
  3. 2065toyota



    They have a harder ring around the ankle the seems to make a good wear spot right on the front of the lower shin
  4. Nan


    I'm usually more of a lurker on forums, but since I made a previous post and am still logged in, I'll chime in on the La Sportivas. I bought 2 pairs last year at a great sale price. They have been fine, but not as good a fit as the model they replaced, the Explorers. With those, the laces went all the way to the toes, like a climbing shoe, so I could really dial in the best fit. And they lasted much longer. Less than a year later, I still have decent tread on my first pair but holes on the side, even after reinforcing them with silicone before using them. They are fairly comfortable and break in quickly, but are not durable and harder to find the sweet spot when laced. The rubber is great; so great that you have to anticipate them sticking rather than sliding if you're not used to sticky rubber! (Think face plants!) Sand getting under your toes has been a problem mostly with lots of sandy wash walking. Oh, and the laces are junk! Some of the guides that the laces feed through and the heel loop have broken, and I tie a square knot and then tuck the ends under the the lace crossings to keep them tied.

    That being said, my husband loves them. So it really does seem to be mostly about wider feet and best fit. I've owned several La Sportiva shoes, though, and these have been the worst in durability. I'll see if the second pair wears any better!
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