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Canyon Werks -- where are you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by townsend, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. townsend


    Plano, TX
    I check this forum almost every day, and I assume my question has already been answered, but what happened to Canyon Werks? Todd, I take it that since you took down your web site, you are closed for general business. I am sorry to see you go.

    Is this gone forever, or retooling to surface again in the near future? Just wonderin'.

    Townsend (AKA Scott)
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  2. hank moon

    hank moon lovely ligatures


    It has been awhile since i have posted; I have had many requests for our rope bag so i felt it necessary to tell all...we were working on weekends to keep up with the demands of our rope bags but during this process, our other business (we make all the stunt harnesses for all the major motion pictures and Cirque du Soleil) just kept getting busier and busier to the point we were working weekends period..So we could not make the rope bag. One day Todd had a talk with our friend Scott over at Blue Water Ropes; Todd mentioned our problem with not having any extra time to make our rope bag because we did not have enough employees to sew them. Scott was delighted as he had a sewing team that wasn't very busy and he could sew them. We discussed it and agreed that our customers were important and they needed our rope bag, so we trained them because sewing the vinyl is very hard to do.. and that is the story; Blue Water Ropes now makes Canyon Werks rope bags and they are doing a great job and it belongs to them now. You can go on their website;
    They are now called Blue Water Canyon Bags.
    BTW - We still make the CRITR [​IMG];-)
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  3. dakotabelliston

    dakotabelliston Living life to it's fullest

    Spanish Fork, UT
    What I really want to see is them making their packs. Those canyon werks packs are sweet !!!

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  4. Rapterman


    Thank you you for your comment, Dakotabelliston
    Sadly it is one thing to design a good pack, and an entirely different thing to design a quality pack that can
    Be produced at an affordable price.
    We tried at least.
    I now use Tom's Kolob pack in the canyons and really love it.
    Best suspension I have ever worn in an ultralight pack.
    Using it for climbing approaches also....
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