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Canyon suggestion in Moab and NW/Swell area

Discussion in 'Meet Up' started by Lisa Joyce, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Lisa Joyce

    Lisa Joyce

    Looking for suggestions for a couple of upcoming trips. Planning on Moab in Late March and North Wash/Swell area late April. I have a little experience and training, but still a beginner. Everyone in my group is familiar with climbing, but not much opportunity for canyon experience in CO where we are. Need recommendations for good beginner canyons. Big rappels ok, but down climbing is not a skillset any of us have much experience with. Prefer dry canyons and not crazy crowds. If anyone wants to join and provide adult supervision, we are always up for company!
  2. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    The best recommendation is to stay away from Moab in late March. It will be a zoo.

    In the same general area, the forks of Three Canyon are pretty good for beginners

    Quandary non-direct is OK.

    The Roost and is probably better for beginners than the Swell in late April. Same with the Angel Point areas.

    Main Fork Bluejohn, Angel Slot, Angel Cove, North Fork Robbers Roost, and Little White Roost are all good.
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  3. Sutitan


    Denver, CO
    I feel as if most of Moabs canyons are fairly beginner friendly. For the most part, they don't tend to really slot up, and only really ever have one or two big drops and you're done. As Scott already pointed out, Moab in late March, or any shoulder season for that matter, will be busy. In recent years, the parks (Arches/Canyonlands) have begun closing to visitors coming into the park due to it reaching capacity.

    For beginners, id say Elephant Butte and U-turn are fairly simple. Pool Arch/Rock of Ages is pretty straight forward and should be easy enough. Medieval Chamber is also fairly easy although I had some beginners get nervous at the height of the last rappel. First 2 canyons should always be dry. the latter 2 could have some water, but usually an insignificant amount that either results in wet feet or can be bypassed.

    I have a small group of friends that typically goes to Moab every April (until Covid hit). Ive also been trying to plan a trip to similar areas in a similar time frame, so keep in touch and maybe we can make something work out.
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