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Camping off Hwy 24 and/or 95

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Southern Canyoneer, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Southern Canyoneer

    Southern Canyoneer Desert Hiker

    Planning a trip in May to explore the Swell, Robbers and/or North Wash. Still narrowing everything down and am curious to know where best camping sites/areas are in the general vicinity?

    Also - is there a flow gauge to view to get flow conditions for Pleiades? Better question may be what is the highest flow to safely get through Pleiades? We have done it in lower flow but with spring run off and big snow year in the La Sals thought this may be a real relevant question.
  2. Muskeeto


    Roost: Mindbender(end of the road) and chambers trailhead, Sam's Mesa is good too, as long as there's not to much wind!
    North Wash: I like the road to Monkey Biz, several good slickrock areas also exit trailhead has a good sized camping area.
  3. Brian in SLC

    Brian in SLC Brian in SLC

    Salt Lake City
    The ones folks haven't posted online info for.

    No gage I'm aware of.

    We bailed a few years ago in the flow seen below:

    You have to choose what you consider safe enough for you.
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