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BunnHe/BunnShe Strap

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Mike Zampino, May 29, 2018.

  1. Mike Zampino

    Mike Zampino Canyon season never ends.

    Phoenix, AZ
    It seems most of my supper skinny canyons have been with more experienced people and usually with people who have been through that canyon before. So this takes out a lot of the guesswork as to if you can stay low or if you need to climb high. I found myself leading a small group of 4 through a skinny. I was out front solving the low versus high decisions (being the most experienced, being the largest in the group, and being the defacto leader). Kelli was bringing up the rear, being the strongest downclimber and almost equally experienced of myself.

    We got to a narrow spot that sloped downward. Every time I tried to enter I would get pinched by my 43" chest size. It looked like I could go below the pinch but that would require me to commit as climbing back up would be next to impossible. Kelli came up to take a look. She thought she could fit through so she went in. She was almost through when a second pinch around the corner stopped her. One we could not see. She wriggled her way back up, but could not fully escape by herself. Once her feet left the floor of the canyon she could push no further or turn her head. She could only lift an arm so I could assist in lifting her out. Which got me thinking...

    Has anyone employed the use of a bunny strap on the person's harness to assist in pulling them up or out of a confined space? She was able to wriggle back far enough for me to reach her. Had she not been able to, getting her back up would have been much more difficult and taken a lot more time and energy. A challenging situation could have ended up being a lot more scary. Also with a strap already attached to her harness, now others can assist in the extraction.
  2. Tom Collins

    Tom Collins

    Woodland Hills, UT
    I've used one on someone else before, it helps some in the persons upward movement, but it seems to help most in keeping the person from loosing any of the upward progress they've made when they stop to rest for a minute.
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  3. John Diener

    John Diener

    Salt Lake City, Utah
    From what I've heard, and a little of what I've experienced, the best is if you can access the stuck person's feet - either provide something to step on, or from above provide a rope loop for a step up. Pulling just doesn't seem to work as well.
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  4. Canyonero


    I start getting uncomfortable in a canyon when I have to take my helmet off. Having to be pulled through with a thanks!
  5. Kuenn


    Gravity sucks (literally)....especially when combined with pinchs.

    I second @John Diener point. Gravity often being the leading factor in a stuck-pinch, opposing it (especially with the feet/leg muscles) is the first and usually best option (unless, of course, you're inverted). It may not take much to overcome, just getting the right forces helping in the right direction.

    And then occasionally it's the beginning of the point-of-no-return (just thought I would throw that in for scare effect).
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