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Other Brush Corral Canyon, Hellsgate Wilderness Az. (first descent)

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Jay Wisocki, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Jay Wisocki

    Jay Wisocki Owner at Wilderness First Recovery LLC

    Prescott Arizona
    Brush Corral Canyon was the fourth canyon and in my opinion the best one yet. The canyon held 7 raps in all with a sweet finish of an 80ft rap into a large grotto pool then directly down a 100ft drop on the other side of the pool. There was a little flow going on which leads us to believe this might be a great run in snow melt when it is in Class C mode. This was a super cool find with amazing beauty. 69360550_2799080260112396_2592477890914287616_o. 70914266_2799081043445651_2421958837335490560_o. 70955961_2799080563445699_2667063098975715328_o. 71106681_2799080923445663_6848532280701353984_o. 71143495_2799080460112376_8284513815404478464_o. 71284716_2799081120112310_2748631803601354752_o. 71298216_2799081376778951_4376404389942788096_o. 71319814_2799080480112374_5538163356696838144_o. 71495417_2799080756779013_1162890437233475584_o. 71510013_2799081560112266_5388316397325516800_o. 71718935_2799080520112370_5443232502007201792_o. 71753624_2799081320112290_866655723805736960_o. 71736618_2799081413445614_4558244204219727872_o. 71804165_2799080220112400_8167730703983706112_o (1). 71853366_2799081030112319_9121833022792925184_o. 71946320_2799081650112257_2355312408169283584_o. 72196407_2799081616778927_2182933865679552512_o. 72434430_2799080746779014_7043168864137379840_o.
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