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Bridge Mtn. Arch

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Visualize World Peace, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. I would definately be into checking it out w/ you Ram and can go to Zion almost anytime. Just recently getting back into climbing but fairly new to canyoneering and have enjoyed Heaps, Imlay, Eye of the Needle, n Fat Mans and hike/climb a bit down here in Redrocks. We just simo-climbed Chrimson and Chrysalis yesterday in 1 loooong sweet pitch (supposedly 7 - 9 pitches - 1000') and it was a blast at just under 2 hrs!

    Also, here is a slide show link of a hike we did with one of the many arches found in this region: <
    (It's a long show and I am not sure of the delay on dialup?)

    Camera used is an Olympus C765 Digital after washing off my retired one in a Zion canyon by mistake as a storm chased us out rather quickly, but did manage to get the pics!

    Enjoy and keep me in mind for any fun adventures...

    Thanks, Don


    The long painful day is much less so when you get up that first big hill just after first light, in the cool and when yer still half asleep. Summit attempt....That was a May day, with Johnny Baise. Temps snuck up to triple digits. Just real hard to carry enough water, even with caching. We got on the toe on the south side, from Hepworth. One lose pitch, 5.2ish. Then class 3 ramp traversing the east side of the peak until you are directly east of the peak, a ramp cuts back, class 4 with increasing exposure. I remember crossing some steep pine needles in a spot that would spit you out. Then the crux. Slab. No pro. Johnny, my hired gun said that it just wasn't in him on this day. He questimated 5.7. I have some question on the difficulty of turning the slanted summit capstone too, some 400 feet higher. I would dearly love to sneak up that one sometime. Anyone out there been? Ram

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