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Bridge Canyon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Patterson, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Has anyone here done Bridge Canyon, which is north of Moab and east of Dewey Bridge? I scouted it out in January 2002 and yesterday we finally made it back to check it out more and to possibly descend the canyon. In 2002 there were no signs of webbing at the really big drop, but this time there was (though it appeared to be a few years old).

    Unlike most of the Moab "canyons", this one looks like a real canyon. Here is a photo looking down into the narrows from the big drop:


    Above that point was a sixty foot drop which we found a bypass around and several downclimbs. There was flowing water in the canyon as well. We decided not to do the big drop since we weren't sure if the ropes would reach the bottom and it was already mid-day. The canyon was deep and impressive and is is definitely narrow below the big drop.

    Has anyone done he canyon who would care to share?
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  2. CanyonRam


    We recently descended this canyon. Although not a first descent, we are calling it B.R.I.M. Canyon for "Biggest Rappel In Moab." This is a monster drop and very airy. A 300 foot rope will get the job done, but the rap is off a deep overhang so as soon as you go off the edge, you are free-hanging and the wall gets very far away, probably 40 feet away. Due to the awkward and fully exposed start with nothing for your feet to touch, it is difficult getting on rappel. The big drop was clearly the highlight of the canyon, thus we kept repeating the mantra throughout the day, "biggest rappel in Moab", as there was little else from a technical standpoint to comment on. Would be nice to see in Spring with flowing water. Hard to see the scale in the photos. A person standing in the wash at the bottom would be barely visible, just a dot.

    IMG_1442. IMG_1443.
    IMG_1447. IMG_1445.
  3. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Nice. I was guessing the drop would be near 200 feet, but didn't know it would be 300!

    How was the scenery below the big drop? It looks interesting from above.
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